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Digital Innovation Challenge

Head of the Competition Committee

Dr. Antonio Cordella has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna and a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Gothenburg. He is lecturer in the Information Systems and Innovation Group at the Department of Management at the at the London School of Economics. His research focuses on Digital Innovation in the Public Sector, with specific attention to the impact new technologies, new service delivery, and new organisational configurations mediated by ICTs have on the institutional and political context within which public institutions operates.


Other Members of the Competition Committee

Cristina Alaimo has a PhD at the Department of Management, Information Systems and Innovation Group, at LSE, London School of Economics and Political Science. Interested in social media and their digitization of social life, her approach to technology is influenced by sociology, cultural and media studies. She is currently investigating online shopping and how the tantalizing production and use of social data is changing consumption and consumption practices. Prior to this Cristina has been a researcher for LSE Cities co-authoring a book chapter on innovation and local development. Cristina comes from Italy where she worked as a researcher and art curator. She has already published on creative clusters, cultural management, art, and cultural policy.

Stefany Barker read economics as an undergraduate student and became convinced that the economy's driver is innovation. This led to an insatiable curiosity about the potential for technology to add value to people's lives. It will come as no surprise, then, that Stefany developed a fascination for the world of tech startups and chose a masters that would help her understand and evaluate the relationship between information systems and society. While studying at the LSE, Stefany was admitted to a government program designed to teach young women about entrepreneurship and a range of programming languages in an effort to encourage women in technology. Today, Stefany works for the fastest growing customer experience software company in the world. As her MISI colleagues will attest, Stefany's enthusiasm for technology remains: you'll usually find her writing, reading or speaking about the good, the bad and the ugly of digital innovation.

Dr.Fredrik Ljungberg is the CEO of Apprecia, a privately owned investment firm situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. He received his Ph.D. in Informatics at the University of Gothenburg in 1997 and was appointed Professor of Applied IT in 2002. Since leaving academia for industry, Dr Ljungberg has co-founded and developed companies in the IT sector. Among others, he is the co-founder and former CEO of IT company Diadrom listed on NASDAQ OMX First North (ticker: DIAH). He is the author of about 50 academic publications in Computer Science and Information Systems.

Jannis Kallinikos is Professor of Information Systems and Head of the Information Systems and Innovation Group. Over the last decade his research has increasingly focused on the study of the social and institutional implications of the diffusion of information and information based artefacts across the social fabric. He is particularly interested in understanding how the diffusion of technological information in all its beds (text, voice, image) and digital formats impinges upon social life by (re)constructing the foundations of social institutions and the patterns of interaction characteristics of everyday leaving. His research draws on a variety of social science disciplines including sociology and media, information science and semiotics, organisation studies, philosophy and art theory.

Carsten Sørensen is Reader in Digital Innovation within Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He holds a BSc. in mathematics, an MSc in computer science and a Ph.D. in information systems from Aalborg University, Denmark. For more than a decade he studied organisational innovation with mobile computing ( &, and since 2008 his research has focused in particular on the innovation dynamics of mobile infrastructures and -platforms ( He has led large research projects funded by The European Union, industry and national research funding agencies in Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain. He has published widely within the major Information Systems journals since 1989. Carsten is a Senior Editor for The Information Systems Journal. He has consulted and conducted executive teaching with a range of large international firms and public organisations, such as Microsoft, Google, PA Consulting Group, IMF, Orange, Intel, Vodafone to name a few.

Simon Wong was born in Hong Kong and moved to Melbourne, Australia when he was four years old. He has a uniquely diverse education and work experience, completing two honours degrees in Law and Zoology at the University of Melbourne, before working for over six years in the Victorian Public Service advising the Government on public transport and infrastructure strategy. He came to London and LSE to broaden his horizons and be exposed to cutting edge thinking in the field of technology and information systems. He enjoyed the MISI degree immensely, in particular the discussions and debates with fellow students and academic staff. His research interests lie in the socially constructed nature of technology, and how institutional forces can shape the outcomes of information systems innovation. His dissertation critically analysed information systems innovation in a major airline through the lens of institutional logics theory and information infrastructures. Simon now works as the Digital Lead - Customer Experience Improvement at the City of Boroondara, a local government authority in his home city of Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys applying all the innovation and information systems theory he learnt in his MISI degree in a real live environment, implementing programs to effect organisational change and increased digital maturity. In his spare time Simon enjoy cooking, skiing and planning holidays!